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Tutorial: Ender IO – A Comprehensive Guide

Ender IO is a mod that brings a little bit of everything to the table, but in a very big way. From early game power generation, to power storage, conduits that will …



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49 thoughts on “Tutorial: Ender IO – A Comprehensive Guide”

  1. Watch till the end the EnderIO Block is insane, you could make so many puzzle levels with that type of interaction. Have a small area where the player stays and then use the EnderIO to sen player to different levels to search for items or solve red stone puzzles etc.

  2. What’s the name of the pipes that connected from the alloy smelter to the SAG Mill called? It’s the gray and red pipes that I believe can transfer energy? Just need their name in game so I can build and make them!

  3. i want to use an alloy smelter to make bronze

    i need a energy conduit to power it

    however the only way to make the materials for the energy conduit needs an alloy smelter

    this literally makes no sense wtf do i do

  4. I made a custom mod pack with ender IO and every time I try to connect it to my extreme reactor, it blows up the reactor port. I am playing in 1.12.2. Or now that I have Cryo-Stabilized Fluxduct, it will now keep making explosions but won't actually break. How do I stop this?

  5. Meta data usually refers to damage. If you are getting a flow of bows from a skelly spawner (for example), you'll want to ignore meta data if you want to have bows filter regardless of damage.

    NBT is covered in a post below.

  6. the Matching Meta Data can be used to filter out "damaged" items. so if you only wanted "full durability bows" from a mob farm to go into storage, then you'd put a full durability bow in the filter and turn on the matching meta data, you could then set up a system that doesn't match meta data on a lower priority and use some kind of autocrafting device to combine bows until they are fully repaired in which case it'd be sent to storage.

  7. every time – The game crashed whilst initializing game
    Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: crazypants.enderio.item.darksteel.upgrade.TheOneProbeUpgrade

  8. Ender IO just massive! First I thought it could not keep up with the series of Thermal mods but then I started like playing with it my self.. After 2 weeks of intense playing with Ender IO I think I'd not be able to exsist without it anymore!
    It's just so much fun and it adds such a whole bunch of really nifty gadgets to the game.. Awesome 😀

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