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Let's Play Slay the Spire: Burst (Not That One) – Episode 356

Slay the Spire is a deckbuilding roguelike with turn-based combat where the goal is titular. Slay the Spire. Developed by Mega Crit Games and currently …



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24 thoughts on “Let's Play Slay the Spire: Burst (Not That One) – Episode 356”

  1. if my math turns to be correct, you couldve done 14 more damage in the first turn of the last fight by playing one of the finishers as the 10th attack and playing the rest of the hand as you did, yes it didnt matter, but that was just a thought

  2. Armchair dev time:

    Personally, if I had to remake Fusion Hammer, I would make it so that resting at rest sites will now upgrade a random card instead of not allowing the option at all. Or maybe make it so that there's a chance (not sure what it would be, fairly small, probably) that instead of upgrading a card, it 'destroys' it, turning it into a 'molten scrap' or something like that, which is basically just a dead card—maybe it does something and maybe you can use energy to exhaust it or something.

    Also, card idea:
    Either Defect or colorless, not sure:
    If it's Defect, it's called "Load Backup", if it's colorless, it's "Past Life".
    X cost
    Exhausts your entire deck, including itself. (possibly in a special, Exhume-proof way if it's colorless)
    Chooses a random deck from your past runs (limited in some way to make it not worthless, probably something like choosing from the last 10 runs on your current character which beat the 2nd boss (if you do not have 10 runs that made it to the third floor, use other player's)), upgrades all the cards, and shuffles them into your draw pile. OR. Choose 1 of max(1, X -> X + 1) decks, randomly selected from the last max(10, X -> X + 1) decks that made it past the first boss.
    Draw 5 -> 7 cards.
    Gain 3 -> 4 energy.
    (Possibly) Set your HP to whatever the chosen deck entered its final combat with plus 5 -> 10
    (Possibly) Reset all your statuses (debuffs, strength/dex, powers (if it's the X choice version, exclude skills from being reset)) to what they are at the beginning of combat OR what they are at the beginning of combat for the chosen deck.

    Another, similar card idea:
    Colorless: Pandora's Box (temp name, since it's the name of a relic):
    X cost
    Transform and upgrade ALL (including Exhausted ones) cards in your deck until the end of combat. Shuffle them all into your draw pile. (Same rules as transform—Curses go to Curses, etc). Set their cost to 0 until they are played. X-cost cards will be played for X (the cost this card was played for) while not consuming energy (until they are played).
    Draw 5 cards.

  3. > Has tough bandage, strength, and after image.
    > Doesn't take Storm of Steel
    I know Wraith form was probably better, but still, I've literally never seen you take that card.

  4. Rhapsody I really like your STS videos; I appreciate how you discuss the patches that come out and explain your strategy as you go. However (and I hope you take this as constructive criticism), you keep going for the same builds over and over. I understand how you argue some cards are better and some builds are easier to make work, however you are a good player and it gets boring to see you not take risks. For instance, you never gamble on events, never go for curses, always play on ascension 1, and after today's video I noticed you never take cards speculatively. I think you have become closed minded to the potential of cards and relics you have by now dismissed as "worse" and as a result your play style has become somewhat stale and lacking of the original imaginative style of your early videos. You are a purist when it comes to this game: you play is elegant, you tend to heavily curate your deck, run small decks, and only go for the most precise synergies. This is all good, but with your skill you could easily run messier games and oftentimes it is in your messier games that we discover new strategies and potentials. I was disappointed you wouldn't even try to make the discard deck work (and subsequently realizing the potential this run had for it) because you were so closed to the idea of taking those cards speculatively. But consider this, builds such as those you can pretty much only make work after speculating because none of the cards you would take for such a build are cards you would take otherwise (with the exception of all-out attack maybe).

  5. Hey. I'm planning on buying a computer that can use Steam soon, and I was wondering what games (other than this one) I should get. The other games on this channel either don't seem to appealing to me or cost more than I want to spend, just before you suggest them.
    My current list is:
    Slay the Spire
    Tows of Salem w/ Coven
    MineCraft (I already have it)
    Bloons TD Battles (It's free)
    Mindnight (Free)
    Democracy 3

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