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HOW TO UPDATE / INSTALL KODI 17.6 ON FIRE TV STICK / BOX (Without Losing Builds /Addons)

HOW TO UPDATE / INSTALL KODI 17.6 ON FIRE TV STICK / BOX (Without Losing Builds /Addons) Share… Like Comment and Subscribe for more videos.



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32 thoughts on “HOW TO UPDATE / INSTALL KODI 17.6 ON FIRE TV STICK / BOX (Without Losing Builds /Addons)”

  1. Thanks brother for the knowledge. I'll tell you what happened to me. I had the latest version of kodi v17.6 krypton, my android box asked me if I wanted to update kodi and I clicked yes. It updated my kodi to a version that doesn't even work. So thank you for this info. And by the way, have you ever heard of this happening before and if you have, why did it do this ?

  2. I down loaded the17.6 but I don't getvanytbing limr the wookie you have that pops up. It just says my library is empty. I didn't have any kodi or anything on it before. Just trying to get showbox orca movie app like that

  3. I am running 17.3 do I use the steps you used in your video to get 17.6 without losing my apps is the process still the same even though I have 17.3 installed on my firestick now

  4. Naresh please help…I'm having trouble with Ares Wizard…tried several links and the first step says Ares Wizard enabled but when I get to the next step I keep getting an error that says could not connect to repository but when I go into my add-ons Ares Wizard is there but I can't run it bc run is greyed out…so frustreated…I've been trying for 3 days now…please help

  5. Why is it that I am following your video step by step, but when I get to about 3:53 on your video to download Kodi, you are able to and mine states "App not installed."  What do I need to do.  I have watched your 17.6 video a number of times to make sure that I didn't miss anything ….. and again, I followed everything just as you had it on your video.  PLEASE HELP

  6. Should we wait a couple of weeks to install this to make sure everything is running good I'm currently using 17.3 should I upgrade now also thanks for the video I appreciate it

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