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Slay the Spire – Last One For Now (Stream Five)

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20 thoughts on “Slay the Spire – Last One For Now (Stream Five)”

  1. Late to the convo but anyway: One big thing about Joe that people forget is that he is playing "blind", it's not related to in-game hours of experience, it's just easy for others to end up looking for good strategies online (on purpose or not), busted cards, meme builds, speedruns etc.

    Which is something that kills a strategy game for me. Like, next time you play you will either be purposefully avoiding the busted speedrun build, or following a how-to-win.

    Speaking from experience with Darkest Dungeon, not the same game but still.

  2. These have been the first Slay the Spire videos I've enjoyed, even if chat makes some infuriating choices at times (RIP potions). Would really love to see him play again, perhaps with some mods since they're pretty well done. Slimebound was good, and there seems to be many other characters that also have full card sets.

  3. Controversial opinion; but I like the fact that Joe was new to this game when he streamed it. It really shows the brilliant simplicity of the game. That and Joe's personality is great for this because when he misplays, which is quite a bit, he turns it into a joke.

  4. Hey, since this was around half a year ago, a fairly large unlockable was recently added. I'm not sure how much you like coming back to games after they get updated, it's just a suggestion.

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