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Sneakers that make you taller – Nike Shox Measurement

How much height do Nike Shox give? Big rob with a quick video showing an example of tall sneakers – the Nike Shox NZ – which make you taller by nearly 1.4 …


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17 thoughts on “Sneakers that make you taller – Nike Shox Measurement”

  1. so how much would you argue the average male shoe (regular sneakers, casual shoes, etc. – what most people wear day to day) would add? How much would these Nike Shox give you compared to the average shoe?

  2. Hi Rob,Which are the some of the other tall sneakers? How much does Nike air force low/high add? I have seen 1.5 inches somewhere but I doubt it is so. Any other options(No elevator shoes).

  3. Most of my sneakers are nike shox, and specially nike shox nz. I really love these sneakers. Unfortunately they fall apart very quickly and definitely they're not durable but very good looking with jeans and shorts. I only wear them for walk and casual but not for running, they're not durable and not resistant for that.

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