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Let's Play Slay the Spire: One With Nothing – Episode 124

Slay the Spire is a deckbuilding roguelike with turn-based combat where the goal is titular. Slay the Spire. Developed by Mega Crit Games and currently …



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42 thoughts on “Let's Play Slay the Spire: One With Nothing – Episode 124”

  1. Hey folk! Sorry about the extremely short episode, it was just serendipity that this run had a natural conclusion extremely early and that I needed to quickly upload it. There'll be a more standard length daily run later today. 🙂

  2. Challenge Run: Glass Cannon
    Play as the Ironclad on ascension level 3 and you are NOT allowed to pick up or upgrade ANY block cards. When you remove a card you must remove your defends first. The block potion is not allowed.

  3. It might just be me Rhapsody and I do love your content, however that being said I'm not a fan of the challenge runs all the time. I'd prefer more normal runs mixed in with the challenges.

  4. Challenge: How about a No heal Run with the silent Just No healing from cards or rests, if there ist an Event that Makes you gain health you can choose If you want it more difficult or not

  5. DoT is OP!
    1) Go silent only
    2) You can decide the ascension level
    3) You are allowed 5 cards that don't follow the rules for this challenge( try to help with viability)
    4) Any type of poison or anything that affects poison MUST be taken
    5) If you encounter two poison cards, the one with the higher amount of potential to stack more poison must be taken
    6) Any other type of dot (Wraith form is included in this) is optional

  6. This is not a huge challenge to win the game like the first challenge mentions, but I feel like it would simply drive you insane. So more of a personal challenge.

    Challenge Run – Bloated
    1 Play as either character
    2 At any time that you may pick a card, you must pick a card (Including shops)
    3 You may not voluntarily discard a card (including curses)
    4 You must take any relic that gives you a card (i.e. orrery)
    5 Pray that you don't get dreamcatcher (you must pick the rest over the smith in this case)
    6 Any level of ascension you think is appropriate

    Challenge Run 2 – Bad Instincts (another bloated deck)
    1 Either character
    2 You must pick any card, relic, potion, or random event that is your LAST choice (I.e. tiny house, wagering on the less likely outcome, etc)
    3 If you visit a shop, pick your least favorite option (leaving is an option)
    4 Passing up cards is an option, but that means that all three cards were on the same level of desirability. Not likely
    5 If you see good instincts, you must take it. (Irony)
    6 Any ascension


  7. Challenge Run: All the AOE!

    Play the Ironclad and ONLY pick cards and remove all non-AOE attacks when given the option. This includes Legendary cards but doesn't include relics. Defensive cards can be taken if there are no AOE cards available BUT you must have twice the AOE cards vs. defensive cards. Cards like Flame Barrier count as AOE and should be picked over other defensive cards.

  8. Challenge: Plain Jane: You may not use upgraded cards in any way—no upgrading at camp, no using Apotheosis or Armaments, no choosing upgraded cards as rewards. Win condition is winning, obviously. You lose as soon as there is an upgraded card in your deck.

  9. Challenge Run: You are Max the Masochist and your only goal in life is to succeed while constantly feeling the sweet, sweet pleasure of self-inflicted pain and suffering. The run boils down to taking every card, event, choice, option, etc. that damages your character!

    Play as the Ironclad on Ascension 6+ to fit the theme of the run, but if you're a real madman you can try playing on Ascension 14 for the lower max HP.

    – When choosing between a set of cards, you have to prioritize those that damage your character; this doesn't mean you can't take healing cards, just that you need to take self-damaging cards first.
    – In shops, your buying priority is self-damaging cards > anything else. If you have the gold, you must buy as many self-damaging cards as you can before you can buy anything else.
    – You cannot intentionally remove or transform your self-damaging cards (but if your only option is to remove one of these cards, go for it).
    – When deciding between choices/events, choose the options that inflict the most damage to your character- the priority is lower max HP > self-damage > anything else.
    – You cannot remove the curses Pain, Regret, and Decay from your deck if you get them- however you can choose to skip the options that would give you these curses.
    – You can only rest once per floor.
    – There are no special rules for how you play cards each turn. You can decide how much or how little to rely on self-damaging cards, and you can exhaust your curses or other cards with no restrictions.
    – There are no special rules for relics. Self-damaging card list for reference:


    Good luck! I think the card aspect could be super annoying, but it could also have no impact. Being pushed to sacrifice your HP during events and through out-of-combat choices will make the run more interesting by far, and I really wanna see how you tackle that.

  10. Challenge: a man changed
    character – ironclad
    – goal – by the third floor you are no longer allowed to use attack cards ever or if you think you can pull it off as soon as the second floor (as it is impossible to do during the first floor with a base deck) and slay the spire
    – reason – as the ironclad you have seen too much blood and you decide to hone your skills of survival to such a degree your enemies don't even realize why they are getting hurt anymore / you no longer desire to strike at those in your way but must move forward

  11. #ChallengeRun
    On the Run:
    1. Class is The Silent.
    2. You can only rest and upgrade once per act at bornfires. (? Upgrades do not count for this rule.)
    3. You have to avoid fights as best as possible or take the the path with the most fights in it. (Once set you have to keep your choice for the act. Next act you can decide again.)
    4. You can only take one reward after battles with normal enemies, two rewards for elites and all for boss fights. (Gold / Potions / Cards / Relic)
    5. You are not allowed to look at the card options beforehand.
    6. You can only buy one thing at Shops.
    *Acension can be selected from 0-6 to increase the challenge.
    *Rule 4 can be adjusted to further increase the challenge onto 1 Reward per N Enemies, 1 x Elites, 2 x Boss

    After you "slew the spire" his generals and minions are out for vengeance. Running from their wrath you try your the best but ever since you plunged that dagger of yours into the spire and lost consciousness for god knows how long you can feel it. The stain of the spire. And they can smell it. Like a bloodhound on his first hunt and eager to impress they are after you. And you know they will catch up to you. But you won't make it easy for them. Since you are The Silent after all… Slayer of The Spire.

  12. Challenge Run
    The One Wrelic Wrun

    Take the option to replace your starting relic with a random boss relic and then play the rest of the run without picking up ANY relics.
    You must play as the Ironclad.
    You can decide if you want to play on Ascension 5 or higher, but you must at least play at 5. If you think it is to hard then just play on Ascension 1.
    This is my Fifth time posting this. So Good Luck!

  13. Challange run:
    You are not an epic hero, but a mere commoner fighting agaist the odds.
    You must only take common cards as prizes. The only time you can take a rare card is after defeating a boss (to reflect your commoner status slowly changing). You can buy uncommon Or rare cards in shop only if they are on sale (because commoners must save up the money). You can transform cards normally. You can only buy or take common relics. You can take boss relics normally (to reflect your commoner stautus slowly changing). Difficulty lvl and class up to you.
    Good luck!

  14. Challenge run, that I've tried and failed a few times, but eventually the trinkets panned out: The crippled deck
    Take all the wounds, curses, and other "dead card" generators as iron clad. Of course you can take appropriate exhaust measures.

  15. Challenge run: one for all
    Character: silent
    ascension lvl 5
    Just take aoe attacks cards, you can take any skill or power but you must prioritize the ones that have aoe effects like noxious fumes. Caltrops could pass by technicism because it can dmg all enemies

  16. Challenge : Poor man's deck
    You are not allowed to pick anything but common cards. You immediately jump at any occasion to buy a card for cheap at the shop whenever you see it for sale, always buying them even if you don't really need them. You also never give up gold unless forced to do so, and always take gold whenever you can (so no skipping the bullies, no getting the red mask, you have to get the gold from the slime event etc…)
    Transforming commons into uncommon/rare cards is allowed, and even encouraged.

  17. Challenge Run (Well, 2 Runs)

    Guttural Screaming
    Play as Ironclad
    Can only pick up Self Damaging Cards (Except with random stuff)
    Must take all damage at events, cards that cost damage, etc.
    Any relics that reduce damage must be avoided, same with cards

    Challenge Run
    Play as Silent
    Must take all powers where presented
    Only Damage dealt can be non-attack (Relics, Powers, the like)
    Damage can be dealt with normal attacks until you have a steady source of DOTs, (At least 2)

  18. ChallengeRun: Risktaker. Must take the route with the most ?'s and you must take any and all risks you come across, prioritising the lowest % wins. As this might be an easy one as it stands I'll add that you can never spend gold in shops. Any ascension, any character.

  19. Challenge: The Untouchable
    Try to STS (slay the spire) with no damage taken. Even damage from your cards isn't allowed. (If you think it's too hard for you, you can only kill 2nd boss, but it will be better if you STS)

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