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Factorio Changelessly Discombobulated – Angels & Bobs Mods Ep 3: Metallurgy! | Gameplay Lets Play

Welcome to Changelessly Discombobulated where we will be playing with all the Angels and Bobs Mods in Factorio and slowly descend into complete insanity … .



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28 thoughts on “Factorio Changelessly Discombobulated – Angels & Bobs Mods Ep 3: Metallurgy! | Gameplay Lets Play”

  1. Ok. I'm going to address the elephant in the room : What we are all really waiting for is for you to get to railways and build locomotives – and you know what that means… (Love the series and the suspense…)

  2. To prevent the copper inserters from taking out iron, you could have made the iron output have 2 inserters, so that the ore sorters won’t have any iron left inside them for the long handed inserters to steal

  3. It's quite entertaining watching you try to balance all these ratios and work with Angel's machinery before even getting filter inserters. I always design machine arrays so that they'll fully saturate a particular number of belts, rather than trying to get 100% perfect time ratios on the machines. It makes things easier usually.

  4. At 28 mins into the Episode Xterm said (something like) :It would be really great if there was some sort of equipment that would let you craft multiple things at once". Well it exists. It is even in vanilla. It's called an assembler.

    I think this this playthrough is turning Xterms brain into mush 🙂 .

  5. I may have misunderstood, but if the sorting ratio was 4-1, do you not now have a 3-2 by not completely duplicating your setup, just adding 2 more sorters? Now my head hurts hahahahahahah.

  6. For the output of the sorters – put it all on one belt, then have the iron furnace on one side of the belt, the copper on the other, the crusher on the end to eat slag. Just be sure to have all 3 have at least one inserter pulling off the very last section of belt. That way you wont need to go through the headache of sorting anything

  7. I'm really enjoying watching the learning process. I like that you stick to your Ideals on the Inserters and long reach. Many others have played these mods with those so it's different on one hand. And the other is with Long reach it just doesn't feel like Factorio; and similarly bobs inserters just rarely look clean which also doesn't really feel like Factorio.

  8. "One man's mess is another man's treasury" I don't know who said that but it surely applies to your base LOL.
    So much fun to watch you saying: "this goes there, that goes to here, that goes… wait? There? Aww man"
    Put some more mods dude, make it easy on you, its your first time its ok to do the easy stuff before going haywire.

  9. Ore sorters are literally the most awkward buildings in all of AngelBob! They are huge AF, and produce so many different products at the same time, and even their process speed is somehow awkward. Yeah it's approx. 1-1 with crushers, but a crusher is a 3×3 building but a sorter is 7×7. Good job getting the smelting ratios down too btw, it's great you're jumping into smelting/refining early. Really powerful machines, and way more 'fun' to configure than the bog standard smelting arrays!

  10. Sorry if this is a bit fuzzy. The iron going out through bad path probably means you don't take it out quickly enough through the output you want. If you have a tick which produces 3 irons and 1 copper, but only install 2 inserter the first tick will take 1 iron, and 1 extra material (iron or copper). Therefore you should have enough output per material produced.

  11. Xterminator thats why the loaders were suggested in the pack. Because they actually have filters really early in the game and you would be able to do this without that much hassle since you would be able to filter everything in early game.

  12. I like this "live math" you're doing at the beginning. (edit : even if I already did it on my own) (edit 2 : saphirite is Roquefort, stiratite is Fourme d'Ambert, crotinium is Gorgonzola, jivolite is "old Gorgonzola", bobmonium is "really old gorgonzola", rubyte is "ouuchf I loft a teeth in dif gorgonvola")

  13. that 2nd set of iron crushing is too close you made it 6 to 2 to 4 to 12, but wanted 8 to 2 to 4 to 12 to keep that 4 to 1 to 2 to 6 ratio you were going for.
    also what a beautiful disaster 🙂

  14. I think that's the most entertaining episode of Factorio I've ever seen. I especially liked the bit where you outsmarted the inserter with the chest and 10 seconds later, it put a piece of iron in the chest 🙂

  15. 9:00 There is a way, sort of, but it is annoying to make, with recipe combinators and other logic stuff. If/when you decide to use the super fast angled inserters, if you don't mind importing blueprints, if Steejo doesn't mind giving it, if it is mod compatible, he made a mini-make-everything with smarts. Make at least 2 of them for productivity and what can't be used with productivity, speed modules, and maybe 2 others for fluid/gas-related things.
    Oh and for things that require steam, the lower mk boilers might be more effective as things don't care about steam temperature, or at least didn't last time i saw it in a video before the big storm. Oh and don't be surprised if you suddenly can't choose the recipe (even if there exist machines that are still set to it), as Angel updates often and changes things a lot.
    P.S. careful with purified water/sulfuric water ratios in recipes, and the weird fluid mechanics that sometimes glitch and make fluid stop travel between 2 pipes/?map chunks? even if you put a pump right next/on top of the said spot
    P.P.S. cheaty, but have you considered nanobots? The disposable guys that build/deconstruct anything you tell them to with blueprints and even clear out trees, just don't be surprised if a lot of your iron is missing.

  16. Sorting and Smelting are going to need to be in entirely separate areas pretty soon. Check out what ore processing does for you.

    I definitely prefer to do Angel's wood production rather than Bob's. Bob's Greenhouses are way too easymode, you can power your whole base indefinitely off a dozen greenhouses producing wood, which feels ridiculous. Angel's is much more balanced and doesn't fully replace trees until you can produce resin. You'll need some of the byproducts that Angel's process produces later anyway.

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