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What’s better than one SV-98? Two of course. And in this game I managed to get them. I also found two saiga-12, qbb, and an 8x scope. I hope you’ll enjoy …



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36 thoughts on “DOUBLE SV-98 INSANE GAMEPLAY | Best loadout!?”

  1. Dream loadout for me would be Super 90 and SVD they both have lots of rounds per clip, good rate of fire, quick reload, and do decent to high damage. Usually though I go with any shotgun and a MP5 cuz then you get spread from the shot and high rpm with MP. Recently i have been using dual pistols though cuz it throws people off

  2. i need help plez what is the program that you use to add music to videos plez i need it
    + any one know a good montage program for adding music to videos but to be good and lite ?
    cuz mine sucks and it get expired and buyed it one month ?

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