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After two years, I finally return to the secret level of and get further than ever before. This tutorial will show you how to do it yourself. Sorry about the …



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28 thoughts on “Return to the SECRET CREEPY LEVEL (SCARY)”

  1. Don't turn around it's been like 6 weeks since I got to secret level of slitherio and will me tell guys something I was having nightmares about secret level but then one day I decided to go to the secret level of slitherio so I do all the same like killing sanke and get to between 8000 and 9000 well I'm bit worried it's because some people got to secret level but another when saw drawing of secret level it have 5 level to the end was involved the biggest sanke and bee and more okay as you can I'm going to right and here what happened I got to secret level of slitherio after few weeks as my sanke goes to the tunnel I avoid the red things and I saw something worse it's purple sanke but it doesn't get me as keep going to see if here any more secret but I was a alone then I saw bee but I killed them and queen as I get bigger then I went level 2 and red changed into the purple and saw purple ball and then it killed me and sanke came on the screen and closed out and that my story of come back and I hope to come back soon goodbye also don't turn around is my favorite channel yeah anyway bye.

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