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ONE STRONG BOI | Slay the Ascension: Slay the Spire | 1

Welcome to Slay the Ascension! This new Slay the Spire series will be focused around playing the game unmodded and trying to beat the ascension levels for …



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16 thoughts on “ONE STRONG BOI | Slay the Ascension: Slay the Spire | 1”

  1. Nice! I love Ascension in this game, so this series is looking up to be a really enjoyable one. Hopefully you make it all the way to the top! Of course, us commenters will relish in saying that you've made misplays, and I am no different. Pcappa mentions a lot of the curse based ones, but I wanted to show you something else. At 23:30 you did two things:
    a) You played Limit Break. There was not enough value in it. Considering you're planning to Body Slam (not much else you can do with this hand), that +9 Strength was relatively unneeded, since there were only 2 rounds of the fight left anyway. Instead, it would have been better off to play a defensive card. Not only does this Block the Transients damage but buffs Body Slam so it can nerf the Transient.*
    b) *however*, there was another play you could have gotten in. If you used Armaments before Body Slam, it would have reduced the cost of Body Slam to 0. It's very useful to pay attention to what 1 cost cards you can play that cheapen another card by 1. Like in this same turn, instead of Limit Breaking, you could have also done Metallicize. It's 4 block, but it makes another card free. That is value for nearly every card in your hand to be cheapened. (You could also have playing True Grit at the start to try and eliminate some of the things that wouldn't get much value from being cheapened, to further the chances of either Flame Barrier being cheapened or something greater to play).

    You played greatly for most of the run, but it's minor things like these that when you recognize these plays and see what you could have done, means that in the future you'll likely see it again but act a different way.

    As I said, am looking extremely forward to this series, I can't wait to see more! 🙂

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