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Terraria 1.4! We’re spawning in the Great Old One’s Army but even with all of our gear we’re struggling to get past the Ogres! A new way to play! – Journey Mode …



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47 thoughts on “TERRARIA – SLAY THE OGRE #26”

  1. @ped you guys have prob been told or you know. That you guys can just go to a different world do the beginners old one army event then come back to this world and use the various sentrys also the armour sets improve certain sentrys melee ballista and ranged trap etc. Anyhoo ty for the hard work lads been loving the series. Regards.

  2. Like 5th comment I’ve said now?: Can you play the Calamity mod (with the music) with Ravs and Duncan? There’s a tonne more stuff and tracks since the last time you played the mod. I will post this on each new vid from now haha!

  3. "You cannot use the set bonus."
    Frost Hydra Staff, Queen Spider Staff. You can use those for the set bonus.
    What you said about having to beat the Old Ones Army was correct, but the thing is if you plan to use them in the Old Ones Army you still have to use the Enternia Crystals. Good thing about that is that if you can have like 5 Frost Hydra's per-person and still be able to place the Old Ones Army Sentries.
    Did that make any sense? Probably not…

  4. with the centries,you need to defeat one of the levels of the event to be able to use the sentries outside of the event (by putting it off you dont have the chance of making this easy with level one of the event.)

  5. You guys cant kill anything because your accessories are awful. Also you got to get better armor too. ped has to get turtle, ravs has to get shroom armor. Duncan can also get the rainbow gun and the infernal fork.

  6. 19:17 That's not a bug! I know that there's 90% chance that you won't read this comment but: You can't use sentries outside the old one's army event before defeating it, you can still use it during this event ( if I understood you correctly ). I know that the set bonus is useless if you can't use sentries outside the event but when you will beat it you will be able to summon sentries outside normally. Valhalla knight armor greatly increases balista effectiveness and is overall really good

  7. Dick's in a nice stable orbit around Jupiter currently. Weren't you playing mage Duncan? You should always keep lots of mana potions on you and preferably use Mana flower (or the magnet flower you have) which auto-feeds them to you so you never really run out in a fight.
    Edit: Corrected to Mana flower

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