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INFINITE STRENGTH TURN ONE – Slay the Spire! (Ironclads Best Deck)

I’m not really sure you can get any more powerful than this! Enjoy! Support me on Patreon: Discord: Subscribe …



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44 thoughts on “INFINITE STRENGTH TURN ONE – Slay the Spire! (Ironclads Best Deck)”

  1. kinda weirdo like you making a show for the viewers.. but didnt deserved that hate at all 🙂
    I was almost closing the video because of the sound/voice stuff until saw the kamehameha, nice edit. I'll subscribe and give another chance

  2. So question monsieur rage, you're complaining about inconsistency when you still have strikes and blocks in your deck, why not remove em since they are non essential to the deck by any means due to their lackluster and semi brick nature as they offer any extra stats past the attack or block.

  3. jesus christ dude… you are being really annoying that's why people are downvoting the video. Like no offense you seem nice enough but you are overacting too much for this video to be remotely enjoyable

  4. …since you asked, your piercing voice had me immediately jump to lower the volume, and your forced mania comes off as a cut-rate impersonation of the Joker on meth.

    I seriously couldn't finish the video for concern over developing a headache, yes, seriously

    Follow your mom's advice, just be yourself and people will like you.

  5. I honestly love Rage's crazy nature, he keeps me entertained with his craziness and his wonderful stories (If I had one penny for every time he has placed me in a mugging scenario, I would be Bruce Wayne.). I sincerely love his videos and I enjoy every little yell and made up voice and bad rap that he makes. Just wanted to throw that out there.

  6. Commenting because you specificly asked so in a comment. Loud, very annoying commentary, coherent or incoherent though processes that are hard or simply impossible to follow due to the sheer volume of words used or the not understandable gibberish it sometimes turns into. Misleading title.

    I feel like youtube suggested a video to me that i absolutely dislike. Your general audiance might like it though and thats absolutely fine. I myself was just on a spree of watching tactical spire videos and yours was in the suggestion list. Whats suprising though is that i rarely, ABSOLUTELY rarely like or dislike a video, but yours really, REALLY rubbed me the wrong way.

    I hope though, in your interest, that your channel can grow. I know youtubers can have it tough 🙂 have a good day

  7. I'm pretty sure the reason theres so many dislikes is the misleading video titles, which people are probably getting tired of, or felt betrayed because of such, thats my guess, mainly because thats kinda how I felt, In fact I loved watching your Tboi episodes, and thought watch this would be amusing, which it was, but the misleading titles is whats causing me to feel like not watching any of your spire videos, which for those that keep pushing to watch your content they stress may be getting to them causing them to output their opinion in their most powerful option, the like and dislike system.

  8. i remember i was just about to die against the awakened one. i had 2 mana left . with a twin strike and strike left. the awakened one was in its second form. i believe i had 110 strength.

  9. 6:12 "OAHAHHRHR Guys, that's how you, get ahead AEJGHKJHGS!!!!!. That right there. That's why you subscribe to me. That's the one. That's the top shelf, premium humour, that we really come to-ing?!"

    You ask why people find your videos annoying. And you call this deck "infinite strength turn one", when it's not exactly an impressive first turn strength (for that you want more limit break).

  10. Sometimes I wonder if you actually do hate yourself. You make the joke often, but how often is it a joke? Is it ever a joke? Do you just find it a fact that you can use as humor through self-deprivation? I can quite relate, if it's the latter-most option. Not trying to gain sympathy, simply curious, and having common ground makes it less difficult to answer, if it actually is the last one.

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