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Let's Play Slay the Spire: Single Purpose – Episode 339

Slay the Spire is a deckbuilding roguelike with turn-based combat where the goal is titular. Slay the Spire. Developed by Mega Crit Games and currently …



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24 thoughts on “Let's Play Slay the Spire: Single Purpose – Episode 339”

  1. This is the typer of Youtube content that I like. Consistent, interesting, not click bait or unnecessarily flashy. Thank you Rhapsody for providing me with hours of entertainment. Much love <3

  2. Didn't you have infinite by not taking Double Tap and just upgrading Offering early? 10 cards, Offering exhausts and draws you five. Guarantees infinite the moment you cast Offering?

    Unless they have artifacts, but that's generally a weakness of the dropkick infinite.

  3. You shouldve taken fiend fire or burning pact on the 20 card choise.

    You dont need an infinite deck to begin with. You can have a deck that BECOMES infinite.

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