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Slay the Spire: Metrics Driven Design and Balance

In this 2019 GDC session, Mega Crit Games’ Anthony Giovannetti discusses how the dev team approached balancing for Slay the Spire. Register for GDC: …



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26 thoughts on “Slay the Spire: Metrics Driven Design and Balance”

  1. Ironic that Anthony mentions Bob Ross as an example of happy accidents and spontaneity when it's known that Ross painted 3 iterations of every painting he did for his PBS show. So, ultimately, further proof of the point being made here.

  2. it is interesting, of course, but bear in mind that slay the spire was unique when it came out. everything he said many other devs did too, i.e. subnautica, yet subnautica zero is a commercial fail with almost no active players… contrary to subnautica. what i'm saying is: IF you have a unique yet mainstreamy enough game to be commercially interesting, then it works. IF not, then all your data will not help you, even if you were successful before with another game and did 5 gdc talks about how clever you are.

  3. Great talk, great game! Even if there's no actual co-op mode (yet?), it was a fun game to play with friends, just chilling out and making collective decisions. 🙂

  4. Slay the spire has one of the best adjusted fights that I've ever seen. For every powerful combo which is possible there is one enemy which is designed to counter this combo.
    (the death branch+ corruption combo maybe one of the few exemptions.)
    And it is a good game for ever statistic nerds 🙂

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