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Day 3 | 45 Min. Extreme Dance HIIT – 7 Day Slay

Welcome to Cardio Party Mashup! Today’s video is Day 3 of our 7 Day Slay Challenge. You will be doing a 45 minute Extreme Dance HIIT workout. In this …



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20 thoughts on “Day 3 | 45 Min. Extreme Dance HIIT – 7 Day Slay”

  1. Welcome to Day 3! In today’s video, you will be doing a 45 minute extreme dance HIIT workout. There will be several intense cardio routines for around 30 minutes and then you will finish out the workout with a station that’s called repeat it and beat it. This is a major calorie burner but it is also fun! Hope you love it! The list below shows each song and their intensity level.

    1. Warm Up – Dua Lipa & BLACKPINK- Kiss and Make Up | Level 2
    2. ITZY – Not Shy | Level 2.25
    3. Skillex & Diplo ft. Bunji Garlin – Jungle Bae | Level 2.25
    4. Ava Max – Salt (Toby Green Remix) | Level 2.25
    5. Capital Kings ft. KB – Northern Sky | Level 2.5
    6. BLACKPINK – BOOMBAYAH | Level 2.5
    7. Jennifer Lopez – Do It Well | Level 3
    8. BTS – MIC DROP (Steve Aoki Remix) | Level 2.75-3
    9. Shinedown- Adrenaline | Level 3

  2. Day 3 complete with some modification in the end sets of burpees.
    I completed the work out in 1 hour with few breaks after every song and in the end I burned around 600 calories..

  3. Thank you for this!! That station part at the end was really challenging and my heartbeat definitely increased even more. Thank you, thank you to your class! Amazing, keep up the good work everyone!!

  4. I can really see how your team have lost weight and their body are amazing now …
    The lady on your right with shorts, you mentioned her before but sorry i forgot her name…
    I do really like how her body has improved and i want to ask does she do all the workouts with you or how many times a week?

  5. I love how diverse your classes are, you have a whole range of ladies, an older guy, a little cutie, etc., all doing it along with you. That's one of the reasons I really got into your workouts, apart from all the great stuff you do. If so many people can do it, then my uncoordinated self can too.
    Great job as always, I'm really enjoying this challenge! I'm apprehensive(as always) for the 1000 calorie session, but looking forward to it.

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