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Female Armor Sucks

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It’s the naked truth.

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42 thoughts on “Female Armor Sucks”

  1. Typical woman, just can't be satisfied with anything she's given. I mean if he genuinely didn't care about her safety the panties would have been crotchless and the bra would have been see through. But he goes to all the trouble to make sure her lady bits are protected, and does she even say "thank you"? Nope just gripes and moans that "the rest of her body is totally exposed". Oh boo, freaking, hoo.

  2. Solution:Make men armours like that too.
    And if any "straight" men say that its too gay, chances are, they aren't really straight, as straight men would have no problem seeing other men in… That.

  3. Miss that full body female armor or even unisex armor, like Sentinel Lyons in Fallout 3 wearing them Power Armors. If the helmet's equipped, you can't tell the difference between male or female, until they talk. That's badass.

  4. I'd have a little more sympathy for women playing female characters were this is the only option if women in real life didn't dress in revealing clothing for male attention. Just saying.

  5. Look, if all the men in video games and super hero movies have to be jacked with big biceps and 6-pack abs (aka the idolized male phisique), then the women have to be slim and curvy with some skin showing (aka the idolized female phisique). Both females AND males are portrayed as perfect physical specimens in these types of games or movies/shows.

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