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43 thoughts on “ – Corrupt X the Casual – Solo Highlights”

  1. Fun Fact: If you do the QQ swap off and back on to the SV-98, you actually can fire faster, as when you switch to it, it is a 0.9s delay before you can fire, but after firing it's a 1.5s. And if you just switch, that shaves 0.6s (- the switching time) off your firing delay, plus you don't have the speed cut.

  2. Hey, do you play anymore? Bc I swear I saw someone with ur name who was playing in the same kind of style you do earlier today on Maze…if it was you… I was the tank called мєgαтяσи 😉

    If it wasn't you…then it was once again someone using ur alias for their own sinister purposes >:3….XD

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